Freshwatre A Little Bit of Monica

Monica is available to a pet home. Monica is 4 years young independent, but always with a toy in her mouth just like her Dad Gordini and her granny Ella . She is house trained, loves to hang out in bed with us and her toy and sleeps in her create (she loves the create), and follow me all around the house. LOVES to swim and belly rubs, her hubby is sitting in the yard and watch birds and chase butterflies.  She is good with other dogs. Spayed, microchip and up to date in her vaccines. Call for price and more info or send an email at or call 1-805-441-0418

Trained Puppies and Young Adults

We offer full and partially trained puppies and adults. We professionally socialize and train our puppies on Basic Obedience (Sit, come, walk on leash -heel-, down, stay), crate trained, potty trained and house trained, so when you take your puppy or adult home you have a well behave dog, with good manners ready to take a stroll to the dog park or around the neighborhood.

We specially select the best puppy for your family, matching the puppy’s temperament with the lifestyle and activities of your family. All our puppies come from top pedigrees from USA and England, and carry the wonderful friendly and sweet temperament that makes the Labrador the No. 1 breed living as part of the American Family.

We give our puppies a head start with special exercises from the day they are born until you take them home, these exercises are part of our program to ensure a better and more social dogs. During their training and socialization program we take the pups out on trips, learn to be groomed, and other manners as not biting on hands, feet or clothes, to behave around small children and other dogs.

The prices will vary depending on the level of training of each puppy or dog.

Trained Puppies and Adults Available